What is so great about Stem cell therapies?

The way we look at it, stem cell therapy is the most natural way to treat your dog’s ailments. We’re using your pup’s own tissue to treat and repair a variety of health issues that may arise as they age. Because it’s from your dog’s own biology, there’s no chance of it being rejected by their body. 

Stem cell therapies have shown great promise in treating a myriad of diseases in both pets and people. They can treat the source of the problem because they home to sites of inflammation. They have the ability to repair and regenerate tissue, prevent premature cell death, regulate immune responses and blood vessel growth, and help reduce scarring.

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  • Can I use stem cells from a puppy who hasn’t been neutered yet if both dogs have the same blood type? I know a lot about stem cells in regards to humans (both my dad & I have had stem cell procedures done, but not in the US), I just haven’t researched pets/dogs recently. I know there was a place in San Diego called Vet Stem. A company I was considering at the time 2005) but it was in the early stages w-dogs. It’s main focus back then was horses. Hopefully the use of Stem Cells &/or PRP have made huge advances since then regarding Dogs? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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